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Remodeling a home is no easy feat. Whether you are wanting to make slight improvements to your home or you recently bought a complete fixer upper, there is a lot of planning and preparation that comes with a remodeling project.

While this process is often considered stressful, hiring professional contractors helps to get the job done right and reduces stress and concerns. However, there are a number of different house builders in the North Central Utah area, so it is vital that you choose the one that fits your needs. Contact Bright Homes today to learn more!

Bright Homes For A Brighter Future

Jon Traveller, owner of Bright Homes, has worked tirelessly to build up a team of experienced and knowledgeable contractors. This team is dedicated to filling North Central Utah with beautiful homes for people to enjoy for many years to come!


More Than 20 Years of Experience

Family Owned and Operated

Licensed and Insured Home Contractors

Exceptional Reviews and Ratings

High-Quality Workmanship


Whole House Remodel Cost Factors

While estimating the cost of your whole house remodel is extremely important, there are many factors that could cause the final cost to shift when remodeling your home. Below are some of the common factors that we take into consideration. Contact our Bright Homes team today to receive an accurate estimate on your remodeling project!

Your remodeling budget

The contractors you choose

The size of your home

The building materials used

Specific features you want


Our Remodeling Process

Meet and Collaborate

During this first meeting, our team’s main goal is to get to know you better and understand what you are looking for in your whole house remodeling project. This will include your budget, your vision for the project, and any specific needs.


Design and Plan

Once we have a better understanding of your project, we will move on to the specific design you want, and an overall remodeling plan. We will also begin to select the types and quality of materials needed for the project.


Finalize the Plan

During this step, our team will review the final design and remodeling plan from the previous step with you. This finalization is extremely important in terms of staying on-schedule and on-budget for your whole house remodel.



The last step before we break ground on your remodel project includes applying for and confirming that all necessary permits are obtained, ordering materials needed, and answering any remaining questions you may have.


Remodel Construction

Once everything is in order, we’re ready to move forward and begin construction on your remodeling project. Throughout this process, our team at Bright Homes will stay in close contact with you to keep you informed and included


Post-Construction Satisfaction

Here at Bright Homes, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of your remodeled home. After construction is done, we’ll do a walkthrough with you to double check that everything has been completed to your expectations.


Benefits Of A Whole House Remodel

While many tend to take the room by room approach to remodeling their home, there are many benefits that can be found when you choose to remodel your entire home at once.

Cohesive Design

Especially when hiring professionals to complete your remodeling project, a whole house remodel helps to keep the design and architecture cohesive throughout the entire space.


In terms of remodeling, getting the whole house done at once saves you a lot of time in comparison to completing one room every year or two and having to start the whole process over each time.

Saves Money

Remodeling the whole house also tends to save you money. While more expensive upfront, you will find that costs are cut when hiring a single contractor and getting all the materials at once.

Increases Value

It’s no secret that remodeling a home increases its value. By completing a whole house remodel, you’re making a large investment in your home that is sure to be worth it when it comes time to sell.

Room By Room Walkthrough

Each room of your home holds abundant potential, but many times it’s up to you to find it. That is why our Bright Homes team is here to help you design and create an amazing space. When beginning to think about and plan your whole house remodel, it is best to go room by room to find what needs updated and simply make note of what you like or dislike about the space. This starting point will assist you and our team in transforming your home from the inside out. Contact our team today to learn more!

Hear From Our Previous Clients

Here at Bright Homes, we are dedicated to providing the residents of North Central Utah with the very best when it comes to remodeling your home. Learn more about our team, and what you can expect from Bright Homes by reading the reviews left by previous clients!

“Working with Jon and BrightHomes on the remodel of our home was a great experience and the end result was amazing, beyond anything we could have expected…“ ~ Jaye

“Jon & Cody helped us make our home renovation dreams come true. They were extremely helpful in the planning stages and very flexible when we wanted to change things on the fly. They went above and beyond…” ~ Drew

“Brite homes is such a wonderful company. If you are looking for an honest contractor where customer service is number 1, this is the company to hire…” ~ Natalie

Get Started Today!

When looking to complete a whole house remodel, one of the most important things is hiring a contractor that has experience in remodeling design and construction specifically. Here at Bright Homes, we bring more than 20 years of experience and remodeling expertise to each and every project. We understand every little detail that goes into a successful remodel, so you can rest assured that our team will guide you through the process. Contact us today and take the next step towards your dream home!

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