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House Remodeling Process

Our Step-by-Step Process for House Remodels

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As a property solutions company, the experts at Bright Homes have an extensive knowledge of the ways to improve functionality in your home while also making it look amazing. There’s a long list of benefits to remodeling your home — from raising your home’s value to simply creating a space for you to spend time with loved ones. With expertise in performing remodeling analysis, our professional staff will help you create a plan and a budget that fits all of your needs.



The first thing that a remodel entails is collecting ideas of what you want the end-result to look like. Perhaps you already have some plans envisioned for the space that you are wanting to remodel. The hardest part is knowing what will work for that specific space, and how to accomplish those plans. Right now, don’t worry about those things. In this beginning stage, just write down every idea that comes to you and have it ready for your consultation with our remodeling experts. Check out our photo gallery for some ideas!  



Now that you have brainstormed some ideas and have some specifics written down, we will meet for the initial consultation. This is a very important part of the process for us as we like to get to know our clients so that we are able to provide excellent customer service experiences as well as fully understand what you are wanting out of your home remodel. 

Once we have heard all of your ideas and have analyzed the space that is receiving the remodel, our expert team will collaborate with you to create the perfect plan for the remodel. This will contain the budgeting strategy so that we can ensure that we stay on-budget all throughout the project, as well as lay out the ideal timeline for the remodel. 


Finalizing Design Plans

After the initial consultation, we will work with the professional designers to actually create exact plans that implement all the ideas you brought to us for your remodeling project. Putting designs onto paper and finalizing all the design plans is an exciting part of the remodeling process and we absolutely want you to be a part of it. 

While we will be implementing your design ideas, this is also the point in the planning process that we will discuss what will work best in your space. Our mission is to give you an elegant space that is capable of fulfilling its purpose. Once the design plans have been fully created, you should be able to envision what your space will soon look like. 

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Now that the design plans are finalized, it’s time to get started on the actual renovation. We realize that this part of the process can be inconvenient, especially for clients who are staying in the home during the remodel. To make you feel valued as an important part of the process, you can expect updates on how the remodel is going as well as where we are at in both the budget and timeline plan. 

At Bright Homes, we strive to achieve maximum satisfaction from all of our clients. One way we do this is by being open and honest with every piece of the home remodel puzzle and taking into account your feedback on all of it. 


The End result

We can’t wait for you to see the final product once your home remodel is complete. Whether you are remodeling a basement for more living space or redoing your outdated kitchen, we guarantee that you are going to love the end result. Our mission is to create a beautiful space that allows you to create ever-lasting memories with family and friends. The best part of Bright Homes is that when your project is complete, that’s not the end of your experience with us. We are here to help you long after your remodel is complete. 

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